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Local Profile | Issue 1

I interviewed a second-tier Dota pro. The following is a compilation.

Dota is war: two teams of five gain control of a map, and destroy the enemy base. In middle school, I played Dota at night and got dark circles under my eyes. Then I smoked weed for the first time and thought, “I was missing this!” My in-game name now refers to a famous weed-smoking character.

My family came to Waterloo when I started university. Away from extended family and former friends, I chose a solitary life and climbed the ranks. It’s exciting to advance a field. I want to be like the guys who created the atom bomb. I love trying crazy ideas, to the point of being accused of throwing. 

Pro play brings glory. Problem: I have to talk to my team. Most players play with strangers in solo queue. If I could, I’d only play solo queue. With loud music on, I enter the zone. I can make a living with the game, but can I justify it as a career? Dota is stressful, and talking to my team after a hard defeat is the last thing I want to do. I don’t like streaming. I’ve had two thousand viewers and felt nothing. I teach some students, no clue about their results. 

I plan to retire. The game taught me to not double down on bad decisions. If things go wrong, cut your losses. I don’t understand big words, or use them. Dota and music take up my mind as much as the wind, and maybe they’re good, but what’s ‘good’? The ultimate cause of all action is programming.

  • Shinwa Asian Cuisine. Get the masala paneer with a side of rice.
  • Mary Brown’s. Best spicy fried chicken in town.
  • Pasha. Good shisha, and the waitresses are easy on the eyes.

written by
Ancra Atlas

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